CK Nutrition

Naturopathic Nutrition and Food Intolerance Testing

How can CK Nutrition help you?

Get in touch with Clare if you are worried about conditions such as IBS, Candida, stress, insomnia, skin conditions, constipation, M.E, low immune system, headaches or respiratory problems as naturopathic nutrition and intolerance testing can often alleviate many symptoms or help discover other underlying problems.

Professional nutritional advice can also help with weight management and address vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can occur from a bad diet.

Alternatively if you are simply feeling run down a food intolerance or allergy test may help identify a concern, or perhaps an Aqua Spa detox may be the answer particularly if recent overindulgence has left you needing an internal spring clean!


2012-04-26, 13:17
I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I still can't quite beleive that in 6 short weeks your advice managed to reduce my migraines by 90 percent after 35 years of suffering. The difference it has made to my life is unbeleivable and I will always be grateful.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to any ...